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        Huzhou Hengyuan Biochem. Tech. Co., Ltd., founded in July, 2004, is located in the Changchao Chemistry Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.It is on the borders of Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, west of Shanghai, which is the central region of the Yangtze River Delta Area. The company has convenient transportation, which is sitting close next to M318 highway and is surrounded by four highways connecting Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing city. Covering an area of 14000 square meters, and refined clean surroundings, And in 2016 by the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as "high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province...

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        ADD:No.9, Shaputian, Changchao Chemical Park, Hefu Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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